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About Saints Lacrosse

Saints Lacrosse is a competitive lacrosse program affiliated with multiple Catholic schools in Louisville Kentucky, including St. Patrick, St. Mary, St. Aloysius, St. Albert, St. Michael, and St. Margaret Mary. These schools have generously supported Saints Lacrosse by providing opportunities to use their fields.  Saints functions like a club team and receives no funds from any participating school, and is entirely supported by the parents who make this lacrosse program possible.

Our mission is to grow the game of girl’s lacrosse, providing opportunities for students in grades 4 through 8 to learn the game and develop their skills.


Saints Lacrosse is a club team with strong Catholic school affiliations. CSAA does not sanction grade school girls lacrosse.  Despite this, we have sought and received approval from the Athletic Boards and Pastors in accordance with the CSAA handbook, and we voluntarily follow applicable CSAA handbook guidelines. We do not require players attend a Catholic-affiliated school, and we are happy to accept players from non-Catholic schools (public or private) who do not have a school team or school-affiliated club team.


Over a 12 month period, Saints will participate in multiple leagues, both indoor and outdoor.  Each league tends to last 8-12 weeks.  Each league groups teams by grade - not all leagues are available to all grades.  8th graders can participate in almost every league, 4th graders generally focus on scrimmages vs leagues (due to a lack of age-appropriate competition on other teams).  Saints typically plays in an outdoor league in September, an indoor league in November, and another indoor league in January.  Due to Metro League rules, Saints has not historically participated in the spring outdoor season (April).  We may participate in other leagues, and we may have a smaller group join the Metro League in the future if any one of our affiliated schools has enough players to field a full team on their own. Players are not required to participate in every league - some players will, but others will only participate in 1 or 2.

Practices are typically 60-90 minutes, 1 or 2 times per week.  


Saints Lacrosse is completely self-funded.  We do not utilize any funds from your schools to pay for league fees, uniforms or equipment. The costs for lacrosse are in line with other team sports.

  • Each league charges teams a fee to join the league.  This fee is typically $850 - $1000, which is divided among the participating players. A typical team will have 12+ players

  • Every league (and most schools) requires an annual US Lacrosse membership.  This membership is typically $30, which covers all leagues for a 12 month period. Your membership includes a health insurance policy, which covers any injuries during practices or games.

  • Girls lacrosse requires some basic equipment.  New lacrosse sticks start at $80, goggles start at $20, and a mouthpiece is $20.  New players do not need a $200 stick.  Most girls lose their mouthpiece at some point - usually 15 minutes before a game.  We highly recommend purchasing a backup mouthpiece.  

  • Lacrosse jerseys are called pinnies, and they are required for practices and games.  These costs are TBD, but we work to keep them as reasonable as possible.  These can often be used for multiple years.

  • Saints may rent indoor fields during the colder months for practices.  These costs are TBD, and are dependent on field availability.

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